Diversification by Reach

Diversity is defined as the condition of having or being composed of differing elements or qualities. And diversity is something the field of cybersecurity sorely needs. As with any industry, cybersecurity benefits from having a wide variety of people from which to gather as many innovative and creative perspectives as possible. Angela Rittenbach, founder of CyberReach, saw the need for diversity and has been working towards having a more diverse industry outlook for the future.

Bridging the Gap
Angela’s original focus was mainly in cloud management and server support. She now spends her time and efforts on outreach, awareness, and education about the cybersecurity field. CyberReach uses a 6-step plan (shown in the graphic to the right) in order to further awareness that includes educating today’s youth in order to impact tomorrow’s cybersecurity workforce.

That workforce is 89% male, the majority of whom are white. But the lack of diversity isn’t due to some institutional bias towards white men. The main reason for the lack of diversity is a lack of awareness and education about the industry. That’s why Angela decided to reach out to middle schools and high schools: to fill this gap in information. CyberReach promotes and educates school children on cybersecurity both as an occupation and as a skillset that can help advance your career in many other fields.

Angela’s Vision for Cyber Reach
Angela’s efforts are invaluable to the cybersecurity community. With more diversity comes different backgrounds, perspectives, and ideas that could help make unprecedented breakthroughs in the field. Here at Mission Multiplier, we are exceedingly grateful for organizations like CyberReach because they not only help promote cybersecurity, they also help make sure we have the most outstanding, qualified individuals for the jobs at hand.

Since their launch in October of 2017, CyberReach has already made so much progress in education and promotion. They have also done a fantastic job of organizing networking events, establishing training programs and study groups, and partnering with universities, agencies, and industries to support diversity programs in order to retain and advance resources. Based on their track record thus far, we have no doubt that CyberReach will continue to grow and make positive impacts on both our community and the cybersecurity field.

Helping Extend the Reach
Mission Multiplier is very eager to continue to support CyberReach to work towards a more diverse workforce. There are ways you can become involved too, as either a business or an individual. First, you can learn more about CyberReach and their specific outlook for the organization by attending the National Cyber Summit on June 5th at the Von Braun Center in Huntsville. You can also find out more about CyberReach and become a member of the CyberReach Founding Membership Campaign on their website.

We have been blown away by the strides Angela and her organization have already been able to make, and we look forward to continuing to guide and assist CyberReach in any way we can.